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To be victorious and the feelings that come with victory are truly magical moments in life. The faster you can overcome challenges the more you will experience unforgettable victory moments. All the wealth of knowledge and experience converge into this program to become the Consciousness Method. This program is designed to empower people to learn how to make victory a daily experience, increasing your self-confidence beyond what you believed possible.

The Victory Program increases your awareness of the powers you will require to make a difference in your life.

  • The power to naturally influence through your presence
  • The power of your will to create your reality consciously,
  • The power of your heart to connect with all living beings and to connect them among each other.

The program is aimed to make you discover and unlock your true potential, the one that lives within you. Victory is especially suitable for change makers who are focused on making an impact in the world. It is also for anyone who wants to connect with our inherent human power. Anyone experiencing life with varying degrees of hardship is already this powerful being. These hardships and limitations are merely showing that these powers are yet to be released.

This program is not for everybody and Wind of Consciousness carefully choose the participants for this revolutionary journey. We deeply respect you if you feel overwhelmed by evolving into this state of being. Not everyone wants to take the step into this amazing and often magical side of life. Often people do not want to rid themselves of limiting beliefs because these are the very beliefs that helped them survive for so many years. But if you want to live your life to the fullest, to go beyond your limits and free yourself from restrictive beliefs, then connect with us for your evaluation.

VICTORY – Your Journey to a victorious life!

How it works

The Victory Mentorship Program is divided into three mentorship levels: Bronze, Gold, and Diamond. Every Level has different amounts of access to private calls, Mentorship Live Events and bonuses.

After evaluating your participation the Victory Program, you apply for the Wind of Consciousness selection process. As soon as your participation in the program is confirmed, you will receive your invitation to the Victory Program. Normally this happens on the last day of the two-day seminar “Ignite your Spark”.

You can also apply for the evaluation process by email. We will arrange an appointment with you to go through the evaluation process during a personal conversation. As soon as your participation in the program is confirmed, you will receive your invitation to the Victory Program.

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