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Ignite Your Spark

Wind of Consciousness has designed this two-day transformation process for you to have extraordinary breakthroughs in a short period of time.

In your relationships, your family, your work, in your relationship with money, in all that matters most to you, you will learn and be empowered to multiply your impact on those around you and achieve a greater control on your life. These are integral to success.

During this two day seminar, you can go all the way in igniting your inner spark or simply reach the next level in seven easy steps. You can explore, discover, experience and achieve more self-confidence and inner peace.

Most of the people believe that their life is pre-destined and that all great achievements are not really meant to them. But everyone can achieve wonderful trusting relationships, a higher income, or extraordinary results with an natural talent. If they only would listen to their inner calling and if they would accept that every human around the globe has a higher purpose, then they could gravitate to the life they always wanted to live.

Ignite your Spark and live a victorious life!

Course Details

The course takes place over two consecutive days (generally Saturday and Sunday). Day One begins at 9AM and ends at around 6PM. Day Two also begins at 9AM and ends at 6PM but can last longer if need be. Breaks are every 2 hours with a 60-minute lunch break. VIP participants have for both days their lunch and a 30 minutes Q&A included.



A short course overview, a sense of what the participants might expect and suggestions how to get the most value out of the two days. Participants are given an opportunity to ask questions.


Ignite your spark begins with the first three steps.

  1. Find Yourself
  2. Find Your Purpose
  3. Craft Your Desired Life


The first three sparks get implemented and consolidated



A short overview of the day and recap of day one. Participants are given an opportunity to ask questions. Preparation of the participants for day two.

Action Time

Ignite your Spark continues with step four, five, six and seven and the candidates for the Victory Program get assessed and will receive an invitation.

  1. Develop Your Skills
  2. Find Your Tribe
  3. Connect to your Allies
  4. Kickstart Your Dream Life
  5. Celebration

    Participants share their experiences and breakthroughs and the future chosen Victory candidates will be announced.

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