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Wind of Consciousness introduces Martin Altherr’s extraordinary and practical methodology to have remarkable results in creating more wealth and freedom or in what matters the most to you.

Your journey begins with the free preview Make Peace With Money. By understanding how money is connected to almost all your efforts in life, you become an insider with exclusive knowledge. Attending Make Peace With Money, you will discover inspiring hot sparks which will enrich your life powerful.

The big bonus for you is that you can try before you book your seat for the two-day seminar “Ignite your Spark”.

Who Participates

If you strongly feel that life should offer to you much more than you maybe are experiencing right now and if you have a high interest in shaping the course of your life, then are the Wind of Consciousness seminars and programs a perfect match for you. As someone who want to learn how to increase self-confidence and how to make life an amazing experience or as someone who considers life as an ongoing opportunity and wants to go beyond the current levels of performance, you perfectly fit to the Wind of consciousness family.

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