I am totally impressed. What ever my topic in life are, Martin offers perfect solutions and leads me fast and save to the desired result. For me it is like magic.

Susan G.

Thank you for leading me patiently to my success. My life totally changed since I know who I really am. Your support and highly skilled expertise I will recommend to everyone who wants to hear it

Michael R.

IWith your help, I found the love of my life […] your compassionate and heart centered work was so important for me. My deepest gratitude for your help!

Anna D.

Martin is highly professional, full of humor, has a impressive wide range of knowledge and a big heart. To work with him completely changed my life.

Sibylle B.

To engage myself to Martin‘s work and inspiration, led me to a new level of living. Thank you Martin for helping me to make these new experiences.

Silvia B.

Martin goes allway straight to the point. This is sometimes challenging but it makes the pace of change extraordinary fast. Although he works fast, he allways stayed in the pace I could accomplish my tasks easily. My best experience ever!

Rita P.

Your sensitive way to let me have a deeper look into my patterns allowed me to get so much more clarity. I never believed that I would be one day so self-confident as I am now. Martin, you are the best Mentor I ever had in my life.

Veronica E.

Thank you Martin. With your help I became Swiss Champion and I was able to set a new Swiss time record! Although we focused on my sport career, I received so many positive changes in my private life.

Jason J.

When Martin told me to build up my company in eight weeks I thought: „No way!“ But I‘ve learned it is possible and finally I could change my financial situation. This is a big releave.

Ines S.

Martin is a true and rare expert in his field. At our „Experts Day“ he gave so much value in just two hours, amazing!

Mahima K.

Martin is excellent in helping to reveal what really matters. If in the money game or in other aspects of life, he bring the right points to the play.

Tulia L.

I was very astonished how much more the energy aspect has to do with all the things I desire. To suddenly see the traps and to learn how to dissolve them is so precious to me.

Amy D.

I am amazed how fast Martin detects the patterns which are the reason for so many things I don‘t want. Even he do a deep changing work there is all the time also space for a laughter. Excellent work and highly to recommend.

Hugo P.

The most precious thing I‘ve got by working with Martin is that I am out of my negative patterns. And if I detect something new, I have now tools to get myself out of it and that is much more than I ever expected.

Sonja M.

Martin, I was deeply impressed from your strong and fond personality. Your integrity and your cooperative being makes you a sought after Mentor.With your methodology and your power you caused peak performances, I never thought that they are possible.

Pascal A.

I was a little scared because I‘ve heard how direct he can be. The first day Martin worked with me totally calmed me. He led me with so much sensitivity, love and awareness through the process.

Margrit G.

Martin is incredibly talented in connecting head and heart. His methods are powerful and he covers a wide range with it. The way he uses humour to transform challenging moments is extraordinary. I learned to be myself and brought my self-confidence to the next level.

Nora M.

I was very sceptical in the beginning of my work with Martin. Even after a while I secretly was a kind of sceptical. But then it happened. I made 25‘000.— in five weeks. That was pretty cool and convinced me a lot.

Sabine B.

To meet Martin at an event was extraordinary to me. In just 20 minutes of his time he brought so much clarity and new structure to my business that I am able now to scale it very easy.

Juri V.

Martin is highly professional. In a short period of time he captured my matter, the patterns behind and helped me to dissolve them. I highly recommend his solution oriented work.

Kurt B.

Martin is an extraordinary genius. He supports with an open heart and was able to lead me through all my struggles with a holistic perspective. With Martin‘s help, I experienced quantum leaps.

Claudia K.

The most impressive aside all the results I got from the work with Martin was that he never told me what to do. He led me carefully to the points where I naturally found my own decisions and easily could break through. It feels so splendid to live a victorious life.

Rosmarie S.

When Martin was working with me, his heart presence was beautifully intense and my self-esteem made a quantum leap.Today I am living In a love relationship I never believed that I deserve it! Thank you Martin for your help full of wonders.

Stefanie A.

The first thing I‘ve learned was that I am not draged through life, I am protagonist. Martin‘s warm and aware manner made it so much more easy for me to integrate the painful moments I experienced in my life.

Ines Sc.

There was so much pain in my life and I closed myself completely. I almost could not believe what happened to me by working with Martin. Today my life is pure happiness and I feel contented and fulfilled. Thank you Martin.

Stefan K.

To Mentor Martin was like riding an super crazy rollercoaster. The speed he could adapt and the powerful techniques he developed to let people experiencing results, are making him exclusively unique.

Gabriela M.

What I like the most at working with Martin is his capacity to listen with the heart and to combine this with a gifted way of good humour, seriousness, and professionality. I highly recommend to work with him.

Pascal S.

To work with Martin is an extraordinary experience. His presence with his mind and heart is highly empowering and helps to find solutions so much more easy. I experienced leaps in my self-esteem and solved all my challenges I had.

Sabine C.

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