Crack your Code

Wind of Consciousness has designed this 2 hours SEMINAR to prove you why some people get it all and why some people don’t.

The last few years, more and more clients started to ask Martin if he could develop a program that would gather his experiences, which he has assembled during the last two decades working and training people with tools to master challenges in their lives by themselves.

He liked this idea, but he kind of pushed the implementation of such project until by 2014 he finally was sitting down and seriously starting to work on designing this program.

When he looked at his story and his clients’, thousands of stories and lives, he realized they all have something in common.

The desire for happiness and success.


“All that is bound through love can only be resolved by love”

Martin Altherr

Over the years he has realized the following:


What blocks people and how they can change that

what’s the reason in where people get stuck in situations and how they can transform their lives

That’s his job and that’s his main mission:

Teach people how to reach the level they want to achieve.

A two-hour seminar that gives an overview and a basic understanding

on how to close the gap from where you are and where you really want to be.


  • What stands between you and where you really want to be
  • You learn why people freeze when they try to move away from pain although they really want to move
  • You learn how Self-Sabotage impacts your life
  • You learn why even successful people self-sabotage themselves
  • You learn two ways to reach excellence
  • You learn about a way you unconsciously took since you are born and why you need to go that way consciously
  • You learn about four main barriers that are constantly limiting you and are holding you back where you are
  • You learn that these limiters work in every human being and what happens if you breakthrough them
  • You learn why everyone can reach there and why to be there makes sense
  • You learn about the zone of genius
  • You hear about the latest news of scientific discoveries that confirm ancient and spiritual facts about your reality and how the concept “HUMAN” functions in this reality
  • You hear about people that went from completely struggling to manifest their genius and what this meant to them
  • You learn exercises to move towards excellence and genius
  • You learn methods to evaluate where you individually have to improve in order to be successful
  • You learn how to work with Martin
  • You learn a method to evaluate who in your environment is potentially toxic or absolutely toxic for you
  • You learn how to detect Imprints and patterns that are holding you back from having what you want in life
  • You learn how to dissolve these imprints and patterns that are holding you back


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