People That Love Too Much


YES they do exist and NO you cannot love too much.

Love as such is not measurable. Love is a state between two beings without any condition. In relationships and especially in love relationships you find a wide variety of conditions which make a relationship doable. Your conditions are responsible for feelings like being constricted or obsessed and can lead to never ending dramas, stalking and other effects of conditions men and women create from their expectations which by the way they can’t help them.

3 ingredients for a fulfilling relationship

  • Love without filters that have been programmed in our brains
  • Well balanced and common agreed conditions
  • 100% commitment

Since there is no confusion anymore between Love and conditions, I would like to explain you a short story about a woman that loved very intensely and experienced a lot of pain on that journey.

Stefanie’s (name changed) imprint (brain programmed from 0 to 6 years old)

When I met Stefanie the first time, a beautiful young lady with a great sense for expressive fashion was sitting in my waiting room, welcoming her she replied with a warm and leading voice. I immediately recognized a heart note in her voice tone. During our conversation it soon became clear that she was totally addicted, hooked, or attached (call it as you wish) to her boyfriend and father of her daughter. Everything seemed to be perfect, but when we started to scratch, turned out he is violent in a regular basis, she loved him so much that she couldn’t leave him. What would she be without him?

That kept her forgiving him over and over again.
After understanding the complete story we isolated the conditions Stefanie brought into the relationship and her imprints that made her fall in love with him. It felt like a miracle for her to realize that after dissolving the imprints she was able to regain herself, be powerful and lead her life without him.

What happened to her? Well, it happens to all of us, our imprints and patterns dominate us and there’s nothing we can do about it if we don’t identify them. She thought she was in love, and actually, she was overruled by her imprints and was accepting patterns she didn’t know she had, and that was intoxicating her love relationship and her life.


3 Basic laws how relationships develop

  1. Someone comes into your life and fulfills the expectations you have about life.
    He or she mirrors you with their behaviors and what you believe is a relationship.
    He or she covers with his patterns what you subconsciously expect to experience in life.
    You feel immediately attracted to this person and it can feel like love but has in fact nothing to do with love.
    This is by the way very often the case when couples come after endless conflicts to me asking for my expertise.
  2. Patterns about what you consciously or subconsciously expect from life overshadow the relationship.
  3. The purest shape of love I have seen in relationships and I experience nowadays with my wonderful wife is a life that is free of imprints and patterns.

With this story and the insights how, we attract and create our relationships, I wish you farther a delightful summer and keep in mind that love is a 24/365 experience that gives us the most magical moments in life.

Where ever you are and what ever you are doing I wish you the best of health, wealth and love and the most magical moments to celebrate.

Why? Because you can!

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