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Jason’s Breakthrough

Learn about Jason’s journey in self-empowerment to become European Champion in Athletics. He truly unleashed is inner power to own an extraordinary life.

Wind Of Consciousness

In just two days you can redefine what is possible.

You will discover the true extent of your resources and reshape your actual perception, and view to your life.

Your Journeys

Extraordinary breakthroughs in a short period of time is our mission. Wind of Consciousness has designed unique 2-day transformation programs and mentorships to ignite your spark for a victorious life.

Whether in relationships, family, work, or even your relationship to money, we empower your shift to self-awareness and enhance your ability to draw upon your own resources for a victorious life.

Ignite Your Spark

Your Victorious Life


Winning Is Your Only State of Mind

1-On-1 Transformation

Intensive Victory Program Coaching

Mentorship Programs

Guided Personal Development Programs

Join our Members Group!

This is the place where you find the Wind of Consciousness Family catching their awesome bits for everyday use. A collection of hot specials, exercises, tools and techniques to move towards a victorious life are there directly at your fingertips.

I have dedicated my life to helping others achieve their true potential

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