Learning as a Transforming Dialog.

Experience – Internalization – Adaption – Integration and application is the natural way how you have developed your understanding of your reality from the very beginning of your existence. For this reason, the most direct way to access your truth is to follow this blueprint. As a result, you genuinely experience your beliefs and why they have evolved. This enables you to exchange the string that always brought you to an impasse in life with a new series that leads you to your desired results.

The system of “Learning as a Transforming Dialog” is one of the entry blueprints to the Self-Transformation Code, allowing you to recode your Imprints, belief systems, behavioral patterns and at the end your mindset.


This process can happen consciously or unconsciously, inspired or even impacted by events, persons and experiences without a personal decision and intention to transform.

It just happens, and the individual perceives it when he or she gets feedback from the environment that they’ve transformed.

This is a beautiful way to experience change and transformation, and there is one difficulty though. You are not creating it through yourself. You are exposed to impact, and this can make you dependent on the situation, person or group of people that give this impact.

Result: You handover your responsibility to something or others to transform. The chance that this will lead you away from your purpose is tremendously high. Especially when other entities are involved.

I use the word entities by intention because there are many people out there following angels, dwarfs, aliens and other entities, the range is wide…
These experiences, they might be real or not, have an impact on a human being. At that moment a person feels in contact with an entity and imagines speaking with this entity, the brain cannot differentiate anymore. It takes it for real, and the impact takes its way. People can transform in this process, but they did not consciously create it in their responsibility and decision. That leads to dependency.


Self-Transformation is a similar process to the transformation. The difference is that the transformation process happens through yourself. You stay in your self-responsibility, and with this, you remain free of dependencies.

For example, you are working with a coach or mentor, and the advice you get is free from expectation. You get a bunch of possible ways to move out of the zone you are in because you get tools to do so. You define the place where you want to be instead, and you get tools which are leading you to that place. You stay in your self-responsibility. You decide the outcome, and you choose when and how you do it. The transformation happens, and it is you who decides what and when.

That is why this process keeps you free of dependencies and puts you in the highest grade of self-responsibility including the experience that you can do it.
There is no one you urgently “need” to grow. You walk the way, you apply the techniques you’ve chosen, and you do your transformation highly conscious.

Although it can happen that at the end of a pathway of self-transformation, you will say: “I never was different” actually nothing changed. And first, by reading your notes where you explore the reasons why you asked for the expertise of a self-transformation expert, you realize that you went through a transformation from where you were to where you are now.

When I talk about manifestation, I’m more on the concept of what was needed to make the manifestation happen.

In the story from one of my clients, he was an electrician and had with his motorbike a horrible accident with a heavy brain injury, such a miraculous manifestation happened.

I met him about almost two decades after his accident, and he felt useless, abused from people and hopelessly depressed. The first stage of our work was to find out who he is and to build up this personality again. In this process, I’ve remarked that there is an artistic atmosphere around him and I asked him if he ever did something artistic or related to fine arts. He denied and was very surprised by my question. I was digging a bit deeper and asked him if he would be ok with it to paint a picture for me, and he said that he never attempted to portray. After a longer conversation, I could convince him to try it, and the result was overwhelming.

In the case of my client, the manifestation process of his potential to paint was to focus on who he is and to work on this level with him. Detecting his imprints, dissolving these imprints and to integrate self-confidence in taking action with new situations… all this and some more steps led to the manifestation of an incredible potential that was waiting to be released and manifested.

To own is being able to go out of the need to control someone, something or yourself. It is the state of being absolutely in the NOW.

Imagine this.
You have a very delicious apple and you are in a room with 57 other people. You know that you want to eat this apple later and for this purpose, you put him on the table and then you go back to the other end of the room to continue an interesting conversation.
What do you think will your mind constantly do while you are in this conversation? Will you just forget the apple and think that no one of the other 57 people in the room will be interested in your delicious apple?

Normally you would not even let the apple there. Right? The farther the apple is and the less sure you are if someone else will take it, the more you will try to control with looking at it or with taking care that you could jump immediately when someone else would dare to take the apple.

The same behavior we have in relationships, with advantages in jobs, buying cheaper products when a store opens the doors for a super sale. Since we do it in so many aspects of our life we do it also with our life itself. We are constantly driven by fear to lose, to be rejected, to be perceived as not good enough and so forth…

OWN YOUR LIFE means to be free of manipulation and full of self-determination. This is directly connected to self-confidence and self-esteem. The more jealous you are the less self-confidence is in you and the more manipulative are you. The more you own your situation and your life, the less jealous are you and the more self-confidence you have and the more self-determined you act.

OWN YOUR LIFE means to rest in a state of complete flow experiencing the own genius as fuel for a magical flight through life.

Everywhere I hear: “unleash your potential, unlock your potential! You are full of potential!”

All these sentences are true, and it still doesn’t make any difference in your life because now you know that you have potential and you know that you have to use it. You even know the techniques of how to use potential to get from life what you want. But how do you manifest the potential to be able using it?

Without manifesting your potential, you cannot use it because it is not yet manifested. Because it is not yet manifested, you will also not get from life what you want although you theoretically know the techniques how to use potential.

It is a bit like: You know now how to cut a cherry tree in order to receive the largest amount of cherries in one season, but you don’t have a cherry tree in your garden… so… NO CHERRIES!

As a human, we are born with many potentials. Especially when you observe very young children… they have the potential to dance, to sing, to build things. They are highly creative. A row of chairs can be a bus, driving them where ever they want to be. A broomstick can be suddenly the big gun of the hero and so forth…

the less the parents and society are influencing the children the more we can observe that both genders are playing “gender untypical” games. Children are full of potential. The question is which will be the main potential that they try to manifest and which potential is directly related to their purpose and higher purpose in life…?

So, knowing your potential is good and knowing how to use the potential also very cool and the same time it clicks first when you are able to manifest that potential you need to fulfill your purpose and higher purpose.

Many potentials are hidden behind imprints, blocked through conditions of parents, teachers, close people and the society. Many potentials are neglected because of wrong beliefs.

We are multi-dimensional entities with all potentials we can imagine, and we have even those potentials we cannot imagine. We are just either not yet ready or not yet able to manifest them.

In the moment of our conception, the cells are omnipotent. That means they can differentiate into any cell needed in the construction of the body. An omnipotent cell can become a cell in the heart muscle or a cell in the brain or in the muscle of our right index finger.

With our potentials, it is a bit similar. We actually have omnipotent potential. At the age of three years old, we have the highest amounts of synapses in our brain but only those we regularly use will survive the pruning process and the adolescence.

The way to a happy and fulfilled life is that you define your purpose and your higher purpose. Then you have to define the potential that is aligned with your purpose and higher purpose and finally, you have to manifest this potential to serve your purpose and higher purpose.

Purpose and higher purpose are two words that have provided much joy but also much confusion in the world of personality development in recent years.

While purpose can change a few times in a lifespan, the higher purpose is the legacy you want to give to the world. The word legacy is to define as well. If I’m talking about legacy, I’m talking about the very personal one. This legacy can be in the family or in a circle of friends. It can be in a village, in a city, or in a region. And it can be in a country, a continent or globally.

When we talk about purpos and higher purpose it definitely is not about the size of the legacy. It is about to give the personal creative contribution to this planet. Doesn’t matter how the radius of the impact is.

When the conversation shifts to the topic legacy, many people immediately think of John F. Kennedy, Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Theresa and so forth. Thinking in this relation it seems obvious that we do not really have something to contribute to this world. But it is not about the extent of a legacy it is about the very personal impact.



My mother is a good example for the topic purpose.

In her chest was an artist’s heart beating and already early she tried to become an actress. This did not workout so well and on top in her early twenties, she met my father. He was painting artist and had no money but was very good in what he did. She married him and supported him in everything, so he could focus on developing his art. Her purpose became to care and support her husband.

After a while she started to work as sales person in a toy store. Her purpose got mixed up with supporting her husband and using her creativity to develop toys. Soon she had the opportunity to overtake the store and created toys for it.

Later my father became head of department for fine arts at the Goetheanum in Dornach, Switzerland. His area of responsibility was to bring all artists together and to develop best practices with them to promote the Antroposophic way of art. Together with this new position and responsibility he was leading his art painter school at the Goetheanum.
The purpose of my mother slightly changed, and she became his secretary and was connecting the artists.

After their divorce my mother started to work in different jobs just to generate some money. In her free time she was painting. Her purpose changed towards taking care that she and I could survive. This led her to study nursing in the age of 40 and her way was sealed. What she didn’t know that time is that she would work in hospitals until her retirement. So, her purpose changed again towards helping old people to find a good end in the hospital. The other nurses were bullying her at work because she was taking the old people and their matters very serious. She tried to improve their life experience in the hospital where ever she could. This was more work but she gladly did it because these old people were close to her heart.

If I look to my 76 years young mother today, she puts every year malve seeds into the earth along the street where she lives. Every day she makes her tour to clean the garbage that is laying around on the pathways to keep the living space in her street clean. Grandfathers and Grandmothers, Mothers and Fathers and children enjoy the clean place and then every early summer when the opulent flowers along the street start to bloom, everyone who passes by dives for a short moment in a sea of flowers. They love it so much that they will still talk about her in the future, even if she has died then already a long time ago. This will be her last purpose in her life. Her last purpose is making people happy with her engagement for a clean and flowerful street, there where she lives.

My Mother was rich of experiences and had the chance to have many different purposes in life but her higher purpose… BEING AN ARTIST… she never lived.



When I look to my father’s life, he was living his purpose and it was not every time easy for him. When he opened to his Father that he will be a painting artist his Father banned him from the family and took all my Fathers saved money to give it to my Father’s brothers.

In the first year of being abandoned, my father almost died on a lung infection. He had nothing than his clothes at his body and a friend of him offered him to sleep at the screed during wintertime. My Father followed his deepest desire. The desire to be a painting artist. And he finally made his life being an acknowledged painter and art teacher.

As head of the fine arts department at the Goetheanum, he built the bridge from Antroposphy to art media like radio, movie and television.

He was not anymore allowed to witness this, as his first attempt to build this bridge met on a strong rejection in the top management of the Goetheanum and he got fired immediately. He made a lot of experiments with the new medias, painted pictures, gave seminars in whole Europe and lived his higher purpose. His legacy was in the antroposophical society of Europe.

You might ask why I chose for the purpose my Mother and for the higher purpose my Father. I did this to draw the society’s raw model.

Often women do not follow their higher purpose. They let the society condition them into the role model of the care taker and this blocks them to fulfill their higher purpose. They follow many different purposes but not their higher purpose.

Men also are seduced by the purpose of the money maker and do not follow their higher purpose. Often it happens that they have to suffer by following their higher purpose. The result is that they either do not follow or not even start to think about following their higher purpose.

For you it is essential to know that you can fulfill your higher purpose without suffering. Especially nowadays it is much easier to follow your calling. The financial situation is more stable in Europe than in the 40’s – 60’s, the face of the society has changed.

The world came closer together, you can reach over internet almost everybody you want. Nowadays you can even create with your higher purpose a solid income because the internet allows you to find-, to build-, and to connect to your tribe.

The business and entrepreneur seminars today are often in a balance of 60% women and 40% men. It is the right time for women to stand up and to fulfill the dreams they have and to align their life with their higher purpose.

I will focus all my powers to support this process of equality. I’m fully convinced that if the critical mass of people who live the higher purpose is reached, it will lead us into an age of fulfillment and happiness.





We all go through this exciting experience we call life. It begins with our conception and the birth and ends with our death. Waking up for an approximate time of 70 to 100 years in this reality and then passing the gate again into the other dimension of consciousness.

If we are lucky, we start the journey in families where we find the needed support from the very beginning and we can easily fulfill our journey. If we are not so lucky we get born into a family whose beliefs and patterns are completely the opposite of the journey we want to take. And of course, there are all kinds of gradations between these two polarities.

This is the thing… we are born to experience the reality of polarities and to fulfill our purpose and higher purpose. Regardless of which polarity we are closer to, the tension between the two of them generates life experience. This experience we can also call “training”.

The perfect match in the sense that we get born exactly there where we get everything we need to immediately start to fulfill our purpose and higher purpose without any “training” or interruption, happens to one soul in 200 – 500 million souls.

Therefore, the most of us have to go through this so-called “training” and we have to complete it. When we have made enough of this “training” we automatically attract the right information in life and we connect with it to go over into our planned or in other words intended life.

Closing this gap where we are to where we really want to be or where we are meant to be is the process to understand how our reality works and how to use it in a perfect way. Perfectly in the divine sense of abundance for the benefit of all involved.

From there we can take a leap by leap towards a purposeful, fulfilled and happy life.

It is not about rich or poor.
It is about purposeful, fulfilled and happy.

It is not about having a lot or having nothing.
It is about owning the genius you are and owning your life, enjoying every single breath you take, loving with every beat your heart makes and growing into this state of complete and fulfilled happiness on all levels.


To live in the zone of genius you have to manifest your genius. There are four Zones, and you are always in one of those zones.

    1. The zone of INCOMPETENCE
    2. The zone of COMPETENCE
    3. The zone of GENIUS
    4. The zone of EXCELLENCE

Sometimes you are in the zone of incompetence then you move to the zone of competence and sometimes even to the zone of excellence, and there it is for the most of the people over. When they reach their zone of excellence, they sometimes stay very long there until they can move on to the zone of genius but there are limitations which are holding them back, and suddenly they fall back to the zone of competence or even worse, to the zone of incompetence.

A good friend of mine was constantly walking in the zone of competence. He tried to fix everything on his own and did a lot of things he was not excellent with. Often he did even things he was absolutely in his zone of incompetence. He was a brilliant graphic designer but very bad at taking photos or shooting videos. Whenever he accepted a contract where the picture or video taking was involved, he, moved back to his zone of competence which was far below his brilliance. The result of his actions manifested very quickly. The more contracts he signed where he had to take pictures and videos the more his company lost in revenues. He wanted to save the costs for a good photographer or video recording team by doing it on his own. He thought it is enough to be competent. The result was that he almost got bankrupt.

The day I’ve told him that he should only do the things where he is brilliant and the rest he should delegate to a person who is brilliant in that, was the day of a significant change for him. He was so enthusiastic about his next contract. For the picture, he was working with a brilliant photographer, and like magical he even grew far beyond his usual brilliance as graphic designer… Both were in their genius. The result was overwhelming. The photographer said that he never made such good pictures! Simply because the creative ideas of the graphic designer were super cool and the graphic designer could give this compliment back to the photographer by saying that his work inspired him so much that he overpass by far his average performance.
The client was beside himself with joy and gave my friend a bonus amount on top of the bill. Since then my friend takes care that he delegates everything which is out of his excellence to stay as long as possible in his genius.

His business grew, and worries were disappeared at the horizon already a long time ago. Suddenly when he was about to cross the line of CHF 250’000.- in revenues per year, suddenly the order situation changed, and he fell back to 90’000.- in revenues per year. He was that kind of person who never gives up and pushed himself again forward until he was again at the point to cross the line of 250’000.- in revenues per year and he fell back again. This time even worse. He fell back to 70’000.- in revenues per year. This game he repeated even a third time. This was too much for him and came to drink a coffee with me and asked me for my expert opinion in this case.

After consulting his books, making sure that he delegated the things he was incompetent with to people who were in their genius with it, I was convinced that there was an imprint in his system that held him back to stay in his genius.

I told him that it seems to me as if he is entangled in the rules of his family. He looked at me with unbelieving stupefaction. He had no clue what I was talking about.

We found out that his parents had to bring up him and his sister with the salary of his father and guess what his fathers’ salary was? Exactly 82’500.—per year!

My friend has built a barrier in his subconscious mind. He did not allow himself to perform better than his parents did. He felt it like a crime to earn three times more than his parents, and subconsciously he felt as if he doesn’t belong to the family anymore.

He eagerly affirmed that his parents always encouraged him to be successful and he consciously decided to be successful. For himself and to make his parents proud. But his subconscious mind was entangled in the promise not to break the rules of the family, which was in his case to earn not more than 80’000.-. This forced him to create the experience of failing again and again. He always ended up with his company on a revenue level which corresponded to the income of his Father. This was the way of his subconscious to make sure that everything is alright with the family.

After using the techniques to untangle him from the patterning that held him back, his company bloomed, and because he likes to travel, he decided to stay at a certain level of revenues, and his sales fluctuate since then sustainable between 500’000.- and 600’000.- per year.

Four main barriers are holding people back from success. These barriers are:

    1. Feeling fundamentally Flawed
    2. Breaking the rules of the family (this was one of my friends)
    3. More success
    4. Crime of outshining

MANIFEST YOUR GENIUS means to discover the own genius and then to remove, dissolve and integrate all the elements from these four main barriers. Through this process, ou manifest your genius, and you own it. In your Genius, you are happy and fulfilled, and a nice side effect is that you can manifest beyond your imagination.

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