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Wind of Consciousness

What is Wind of Consciousness?

Wind of Consciousness addresses the wide range of limitations and wonderful dreams of our students and clients as Martin Altherr and Jutta Jerlich have witnessed over the past 17 years. How do we help people align who they are with the drams that are de facto who they want to be? How can we provide the tools to free people from their limitations and help them become who they were always meant to be?

These fundamental questions and our genuine desire to share what we know to liberate the true potential of people lead us to devise highly efficient programs designed around results and achievement. We are proud of the extraordinary breakthroughs and amazing results our clients and students have experienced. Wind of Consciousness offers superior self-development programs based on a unique expertise and almost two decades of hands-on experience in enabling people of all walks of life to achieve their goals, make their dreams a reality and ultimately live the lives they were destined to live.

Based near Basel, Switzerland, Wind of Consciousness’s programs and seminars are available in English and German.

Wind of Consciousness memberships held through Martin and Jutta

EMR – Holistic Medical Register of Switzerland

ASCA – Foundation for holistic medicine

CISCO – Networking Academy

TU-WIEN – Technical University Vienna

HETL – Member of The Higher Education Teaching and Learning Organization

Highly effective development programs that rapidly produce results for you!

Based on the close interaction with thousands of clients and students, we believe that transformation is a rapid process. Why?

In most cases, our clients and students are nurturing their own transformation over many years. We believe that all people possess within themselves the seeds of their own greatness. Our method is built around empowering people to rapidly go beyond their self-imposed limitations. We also aim for rapid transformations since our experience has taught us that meaningful change can occur in a very short time. We want our students out there living their lives to the fullest and enjoying what is rightfullytheirs as quick as possible!

Wind of Consciousness Leaders

Martin Altherr possesses 17 years of experience in one-on-one transformations for individuals, teaching at institutes and schools for therapists. Martin has also been and entrepreneur for over 30 years, and brings this rich life experience to further assist his clients and students realize their destinies.

Jutta Jerlich has 22 years of experience in teaching at Universities in Japan, Austria and USA, and many years in consulting for companies and leading managers to enhance corporate performance and align interests within organizations.

The meeting of minds that occurred when Martin and Jutta decided to pool their knowledge of people, work environments, psychology, entrepreneurship and many more authentic capabilities. These unique skills and talents, acquired during their 3 decades of varied professional interactions with people, were for a long time only available to an exclusive group of people and corporations. Now they share this knowledge with the largest audience possible to propose extraordinary seminars and transformation programs.

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Martin has the extraordinary capability of redefining what is possible and is unique in his way of inspiring people. Due to his deep knowledge of people and how they evolve in situations and throughout life, he is deeply sensitive to their deepest inner feelings, what motivates them, as well as what holds them back. Understanding what is deep in their heart and carefully shifting their perceptions and perspectives to prepare them to make the big leaps they seek in their lives.

Martin worked with over 4’000 people in one-on-one transformations, empowering them with the toolsthey require to become who they were meant to be. Through events and group transformations workshops, he has worked with professionals, coaches, consultants, practitioners, employees, self-employed individuals and entrepreneurs, enabling people to leverage their personal skills for a more successful life and redefined with them the limits of the possible.

His corporate track includes founding and building 8 companies. From the outset, Martin’s entrepreneurship has been characterized by a holistic view which helped generate almost CHF 3 Million in revenue. His emphasis is always on the alignment of personal and business purpose, the equality of all individuals involved, and on serving all people, regardless of whether the impact was local, national or global.

Martin helps as Europe ‘s premier self-confidence expert his clients to redefine what ‘s possible in what matters most to them. In his drive to improve and better himself, Martin has enjoyed working and learning with outstanding teachers and mentors. Their deep impact on his life and vision are central to the mission he carries out today, allowing him to share with as many people as possible these valuable lessons and insights into life.

It is my passion to redefine with you what ‘s possible in what matters the most to you!


17 years ago, Martin Altherr started his career on holistic, heart-centered and systemic work. After studying Applied Psychology, Structural Constellation, Systemic Family Therapy, and Trainer for Autogenic Training he opened his practice. Since then he was working with more than 4000 clients in one on one Transformations, has taught in training centers for therapists and worked as a supervisor for therapists, private clients, and leading managers.


  • More than 4000 clients in one on one transformations
  • Supervisor for doctors, therapists and people who work in social fields
  • Was teaching a few years at professional schools for therapists
  • Author of guidebooks

Extract of Further Education

KIP nach Hanscarl Leuner |

Martinez GmbH

Reconciliation Therapie | Dr. Jirina Prekop

Genogram | Dr. Heribert Döring-Meier

Support that helps | Bert Hellinger

Supervision | Klaus Grochowiak

Phenomenological work with children | Marianne Francke Grieksch

Coaching/Supervision | Friedrich Wiest

Phenomena, Solution and System | Insa Sparrer

Prepetrator, Victim, Personal guilt | Bertold Ulsamer

Psychiatric disorders | Dr. Franz Ruppert

Emotions in formations Forms of the constellation work | Dr. Albrecht Mahr

Classical Massage | Sanavit AGAutogenic

Training for children | Jadranka Martinez Psych. SGPH

Art of Movement (Nutrition, Body management) | Dr. med. Marco Caimi

Trauma in constelation work | Bertold Ulsamer

Psychology in the relationship | Martinez GmbH

Burnout/Stress | Martinez GmbH

Personality tests | Martinez GmbH

Psychopathology/Psychological aspects of pain | Ruth Peter-Jordi

Systemic consulting after Murray Bowen | Ruth Peter-Jordi

Tree Test after Karl Koch | Jadranka Martinez Psych. SGPH

Anamnesis/Diagnostics | Martinez GmbH


Addiction Therapy | Dr. med. Ingwersen Frank

Reconciliation therapy | Dr. Jirina Prekop

Movements of the soul | Bert Hellinger

Constellation work and supervision | Bertold Ulsamer

Huna (Hawaiian shamanism) | Meier Gabriela


Lichtstrahl, Center for alternitive therapy

  • Systemic Family constellation (Education for therapists)
  • Intuition 1-3
  • Family constellations “Living instead of suffering” (Seminar)

Martinez GmbH

  • Intuition 1-3
  • Systemic Family constellations
  • Psychopathology 1+2

In own Practice

  • Supervision for therapists
  • Business and success (Coaching for entrepreneurs)
  • Support that helps (Education for therapists)

Jutta Jerlich

Jutta Jerlich is an expert in creating spaces where creativity flows and people feel safe to allow new ways of thinking. Her international background as an educator, connector and mentor and her work with 150+ entrepreneurial teams enables the identifying of the most appropriate emotional connections to your audience.

Jutta’s passion is to systematically improve all with which she is involved

22 years ago, Jutta completed her Masters in Social and Business Sciences at the Vienna University of Business Administration with a specialization in Technology Marketing, thus beginning her career at the intersection of academia and business. Her first engagement led her into a high-profile R&D institute at the Vienna University of Technology where she worked with world-renowned professors and global experts in their fields, connecting them with experts from industry, jointly creating innovative new products and services. She translated business strategy and market requirements into business impact, leveraging technology-driven solutions, always mindful of designing solutions within the framework of a sustainable foundation.

She developed and created programs to foster technology education and transfer, as well as public awareness about the importance of cutting edge new technologies and scientific achievements for the well-being of an economic region and society as a whole.

Since then she was working in innumerable development projects. As a professional communicator, program manager, experienced educator and trainer for Intercultural Communication, Creativity and Leadership her engagements involved collaborating with people from diverse backgrounds and countries.She worked several years abroad, for example in Japan, the US and India covering the following areas:

  • Business Development Consultancy – Relationship & Ecosystem Building
  • Digital Strategy & Communication
  • Restorative Coaching and Mentoring
  • University Lecturer Creativity Engineering


  • Initiated and created the Creativity Engineering Program designed to develop your creative confidence for engineers
  • Worked with 150+ Engineering Teams on their way exploring entrepreneurship
  • Author of a numerous articles, press communication, scientific publications, international conference papers, co-author of books, creator of blogs and copy writer
  • Jury Member for Awards and Competitions in Education for ICT, Creativity and Intercultural Activities.
  • Member of Steering Committees and Associations: Professional Women Group Basel, First Tuesday Austria – Networking forum for Startups, Service provider & Investors.
  • Established in 1997 and running Non-Profit Organization – Kulturimpuls: Integrating Technology & New Media into TeachingExtract of further education
  • Systemischer Coach & Beraterin, CTAS, St. Galler Coaching Modell SCM, 2017
    Examiner Goethe Institut, Nanzan Universität, 2011  MBA Courses in Quality Management, Upper Iowa University, USA, 2007 – 2008
  • Professional courses in e-Learning and e-Teaching Pedagogy, Authoring Tools, Innovative Learning Environments, Community Building & Social Media Marketing
  • Excellence in Business Mediation 2006, §23 ZivMediatG, Admont, Austria

  • Project Management: Certified through various trainings and applying the assets in complex projects and global programs

Teaching & Course Development

  • Creativity Engineering: 2007 – current: Course development & lecturer, VUT, Austria.
  • Fundamentals of Senior Management (MBA Course): 2006 to 2008: Lecturer, Open University, United Kingdom.
  • Ecodesign – Sustainable product design: 2005 – 2008: Course development & tutor, VUT, Austria.
  • Basic Use of ICT for Teachers: 2007 – 2009: Course development & tutor, Austrian Ministry of Education.
  • Business Plan Development for technology-based start-ups: 2008: Course development & moderator, VUT, Austria.

Initiated/Participated R&D Projects

VIRQUAL – Virtual Mobility and European Qualification Framework in Higher Education | Jan 2009 – Dec 2011

Cosmos – An Advanced Scientific Repository for Science Teaching and Learning | Oct 2007 – Sep 2009

InLOT – Using wearable computers and intelligent sensors in science education | Jun 2007 – Nov 2008

COLLAGE – Collaborative and Mobile Learning Platform Using Game-like Enhancements | Jan 2005 – Dec 2007

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