What is Wind of Consciousness?

Martin Altherr has empowered thousands of people through his practice, webinars and life training programs.


He created the SELF-TRANSFORMATION CODE, in where people experience long-lasting life transformations. He works through your imprints from your conception to your NOW. If we only change our mindset, we will quickly come back to our “old” habits and fall in the trap we were in once again. Martin helps you find your imprints, and with his techniques and methodology he will dissolve them, and build with you, your new you, your new life, all the steps are done with you, and FOR YOU.


The more “consciousness” you bring to any aspect of life, the greater power there is. Power to transform, to get what you desire and make an outstanding change in your life and for the people around you.


You are allowed to own your life, to reach your goals and foremost you must allow yourself to get what you want.


We are way too conditioned to follow the so call “rules”. Do they all serve us for the highest purpose and happiness?


Let me answer you: NO, they don’t. We have been conditioned and programmed to follow the rules, these rules are not tailored for you, you are special and you have a purpose in life.


You might be saying, I am conscious about this or that, are you conscious about all aspects in your life? Are you successful in all? If the answer is no, that’s fine.


I am here to guide you towards your SELF-TRANSFORMATION, a transformation tailored for you and only for you.


We create the quality of life you desire. Learn how you can beat your own limitations to achieve your goals and take control of your life.

Based near Basel, Switzerland, Wind of Consciousness’s programs and seminars are available


in English and German.

How did all start

It all started with a dreadful situation, me and my then wife were in waiting room at the pediatric hospital waiting for some news regarding our son, then a toddler of 2 and half years old. The diagnostic wasn’t one that any parent would expect to have. Our beloved son suffered from CGD, which is Chronic granulomatous disease (CGD), is a diverse group of hereditary diseases in which certain cells of the immune system have difficulty forming the reactive oxygen compounds. CGD affects about 1 in 200,000 people in the United States, with about 20 new cases diagnosed each year.  The doctors told us that  they didn’t know if he would turn 20 years old.

So, there I was, standing, feeling how my entire life was collapsing in front of me. An inner voice was shouting at me: make the most out of it, if he has to go, make him experience the best out of life. At the same time, I was having serious fights with God, life, fate and with everything I believed in. Why him, why us, why everything. I didn’t know where to start or what to do, I was totally lost in this whole situation as a father, as a husband and as a human being.

What was left to do? As crazy as it sounds, I accepted death and life equally. in that moment, it felt like a lightening entering my body, amazing things started to happen. This changed the course of my life forever.

At the time, I was in the wholesale business, in a trade, a woman of a certain age started a very interesting discussion with me and by the end of it, she asked where could she find my practice?, and I answered: – I beg you pardon?, I’m in the jewelry business, and she replied back: – that’s really too bad.  This sentence stuck in my mind.

I attended a constellation workshop, felt like coming back home, I dropped everything and I decided to study psychology and to study systemic phenomenological work (family constellation) and to open my own practice.

My wife couldn’t take it all, so she filed for divorce three months later. Can you imagine the situation?

Everything I ever dreamt of was dissapearing in front of me: my life, my family, my son, my wife… WHAT WAS GOING ON?

I remember, I was sitting at the table in the living room, tears running down my cheeks, feeling deep pain, wondering what was next. My heart so soar as I never thought it is possible to feel and to survive the same time. There I remembered the sentence a good friend and healer once said to me:

“We all create our reality! Either unconscious or conscious, but we are the ones who create it.”

This sentence and the gift being able to say yes to death and life equally released a cascade of techniques and systems in me.

I wrote like a mad man, half in trance, half conscious, and a few hours later I held in my hands the foundation of what I call the “SELF-TRANSFORMATION CODE” today.

As I mentioned I was ready, for whatever was in front of me.

I’ve opened my practice and started to apply what I’ve written down that night. The results were outstanding and more than promising. Since then I’ve worked with thousands of clients in private genius breakthroughs, helped them to make leaps in their careers, showed them ways how to find the real love partner, helped them to find their purpose in life and to create their victorious life they always wanted. They finally could close the gap between where they were and where they wanted to be.

My life took a new shift, I met my soul mate and I married her. I am blessed by living my purpose and receiving all the abundance, happiness and success in my life, I could make it, can you? YES, YOU CAN!

My son is a happy 19 years old boy today. He won the fight with the CGD through a bone marrow transplant.

He taught me the lessons of my life.  I am the most grateful father you can think of.

“We all create our reality!


Either unconscious or conscious, 

we are the creators of it.”

THE SELF-TRANSFORMATION CODE IS A Highly effective development method that rapidly produce results for you!


Do you feel frustrated, because you don’t understand why things aren’t happening for you?


Based on the close interaction with thousands of clients and students, we believe that transformation is a rapid process. Why?

In most cases, our clients and students are nurturing their own transformation over many years. We believe that all people possess within themselves the seeds of their own greatness. Our method is built around empowering people to rapidly go beyond their self-imposed limitations. We also aim for rapid transformations since our experience has taught us that meaningful transformation can occur in a very short time. We want our students out there living their lives to the fullest and enjoying what is rightfully theirs as quick as possible.

  There are 3 steps you can’t neglect when it comes to change


Record it, memorize it, write it down, whatever it takes for you to remember this:



Martin Altherr has two decades of experience in one-on-one transformations for individuals, teaching at institutes and schools for therapists. He has also been an entrepreneur for over 30 years, bringing this rich life experience to further assist his clients and students realize their destinies.

He decided to pool his knowledge of people, work environments, psychology, entrepreneurship and many more authentic capabilities. These unique skills and talents, acquired during his 3 decades of varied professional interactions with people, were for a long time only available to an exclusive group of people and corporations. Now, he shares this knowledge with the largest audience possible to propose extraordinary seminars and transformation programs.

Get to know more about it or reserve one of the complimentary seats for the 2 hours preview CRACK YOUR CODE.

He owns the extraordinary capability of redefining what is possible and is unique in his way of inspiring people. Due to his deep knowledge of people and how they evolve in situations and throughout life, he is deeply sensitive to their deepest inner feelings, what motivates them, as well as what holds them back. Understanding what is deep in their heart and carefully shifting their perceptions and perspectives to prepare them to make the big leaps they seek in their lives.

He has worked with over 4’000 people in one-on-one transformations, and with thousands of people in seminars, empowering them with the tools-they require to become who they were meant to be. Through events and group transformations workshops, he has worked with professionals, coaches, consultants, practitioners, employees, self-employed individuals and entrepreneurs, enabling people to leverage their personal skills for a more successful life and redefined with them the limits of the possible.

His corporate track includes founding and building 8 companies. From the outset, his entrepreneurship has been characterized by a holistic view which helped generate almost CHF 3 Million in revenue. His emphasis is always on the alignment of personal and business purpose, the equality of all individuals involved, and on serving all people, regardless of whether the impact was local, national or global.

He helps as Europe’s number one self-transformation expert with the quickest results his clients to close the gap between they are and where they really want to be. In his drive to improve and better himself, he has enjoyed working and learning with outstanding teachers and mentors. Their deep impact on his life and vision are central to the mission he carries out today, allowing him to share with as many people as possible these valuable lessons and insights into life.

I will guide you to get you want. What if I tell you, you can have it all

You better believe me because it’s the absolute truth

We are ready, you tell us when you are


Two decades ago, Martin Altherr started his career on holistic, heart-centered and systemic work. After studying Applied Psychology, Structural Constellation, Systemic Family Therapy, and Trainer for Autogenic Training he opened his practice. Since then he has been working with more than 4000 clients in one on one Transformations, and with thousands on seminars, has taught in training centers for therapists and worked as a supervisor for therapists, private clients, and leading managers.


  • Over 70% of couples Martin has worked with are back in fulfilled relationships
  • 0ver 50 career transformations he performed led into higher executive and board positions
  • Based on an external customer research report he has an astounding 100% customer satisfaction
  • Supervisor for doctors, therapists and people who work in social fields
  • Was teaching a few years at professional schools for therapists
  • Author of guidebooks

Extract of Further Education

KIP nach Hanscarl Leuner |

Martinez GmbH

Reconciliation Therapie | Dr. Jirina Prekop

Genogram | Dr. Heribert Döring-Meier

Support that helps | Bert Hellinger

Supervision | Klaus Grochowiak

Phenomenological work with children | Marianne Francke Grieksch

Coaching/Supervision | Friedrich Wiest

Phenomena, Solution and System | Insa Sparrer

Prepetrator, Victim, Personal guilt | Bertold Ulsamer

Psychiatric disorders | Dr. Franz Ruppert

Emotions in formations Forms of the constellation work | Dr. Albrecht Mahr

Classical Massage | Sanavit AGAutogenic

Training for children | Jadranka Martinez Psych. SGPH

Art of Movement (Nutrition, Body management) | Dr. med. Marco Caimi

Trauma in constelation work | Bertold Ulsamer

Psychology in the relationship | Martinez GmbH

Burnout/Stress | Martinez GmbH

Personality tests | Martinez GmbH

Psychopathology/Psychological aspects of pain | Ruth Peter-Jordi

Systemic consulting after Murray Bowen | Ruth Peter-Jordi

Tree Test after Karl Koch | Jadranka Martinez Psych. SGPH

Anamnesis/Diagnostics | Martinez GmbH


    Addiction Therapy | Dr. med. Ingwersen Frank

    Reconciliation therapy | Dr. Jirina Prekop

    Movements of the soul | Bert Hellinger

    Constellation work and supervision | Bertold Ulsamer

    Huna (Hawaiian shamanism) | Meier Gabriela




  • Systemic Family constellation (Education for therapists)
  • Intuition 1-3
  • Family constellations “Living instead of suffering” (Seminar)

Martinez GmbH

  • Intuition 1-3
  • Systemic Family constellations
  • Psychopathology 1+2

In Praxis

  • Supervision for therapists
  • Business and success (Coaching for entrepreneurs)
  • Support that helps (Education for therapists)

Recognized by the supplementary insurance in Switzerland

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