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Why Wind of Consciousness?

To choose a mentor for the next big leap in your life is a highly personal and intimate decision. Following one of our main principles, which is experience, we encourage you to meet Martin live in a preview or during in a Skype call if you are too far located. There you will be able to evaluate if you want to entrust your next transformation process to Martin and the Wind of Consciousness team.

When you listen to Martin’s story and how he became Europe’s premier self-confidence expert, you will discover his path to knowledge and some of the deep life experiences which contributed to who he is and what he does so expertly today. All the events that impacted his life, even the worse ones, turned into blessings simply due to self-mastery. Martin’s shares these life experiences and how to overcome them with his students. With over 4000 Students that have benefitted from Martin’s transformation programs, he leverages these very personal interactions to add to his own, further enhancing the impact of the one-on-on transformation process.

Key events that have shaped Martin’s life and his ability to help others:

  • The challenges of his early childhood
  • Deep Insights in secret holistic practices of energy work
  • The challenges of building eight companies three with huge losses and five with large profits

  • The transformational experience with his son that enabled him to say yes to death and life equally
  • A personal shift from retailer and wholesaler to therapist
  • Losing all what was important in his life in only three weeks

Martin’s gift of life, all the challenges he was allowed to endure and master, and the Consciousness Method he has created from these insights make Wind of Consciousness remarkable and unique.

Most importantly, we believe that transformation happens rapidly. No need for any drawn out programs over many months or years… Sometimes a day or a week is sufficient!

Learning as a Transforming Dialog

Wind of Consciousness’s seminars and programs are based on an experience sharing model, which is the basis of transformational dialog.

Experience – Internalization – Adaptation – Integration and Implementation is the natural sequence that is at the very core of your personal understanding about your reality. As a consequence, the fasted way to access your reality is to follow this blueprint to genuinely understand your own beliefs and why/how they have evolved. This enables you, together with the Consciousness Method, to understand the sequence that often brings you to an impasse in life, and subsequently replace or tweak your existing cognitive sequence to bring you to where you want to be.

The system of “Learning as a Transforming Dialog” is one of the entry blueprints to the Consciousness Method, allowing you to recode yours believe systems.

Weekly Consciousness

Create for yourself a save space of extraordinary creativity and nurture your consciousness with exclusive information and exercises. Join us on Weekly Consciousness.

Get to know more about them or reserve one of the complimentary seats for the 2 hours preview “Make Peace With Money”.

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